Based on the international experience as a company in the creative industry, Maurer United Architects initiated the formation of a desk to help Dutch Design firms with the ambition to enlarge their market beyond the national borders. The Dutch Design Desk Europe (DDDE) was founded in October 2011 and will focus on the largest business partner of the Netherlands during the first year: Germany.

Located in the city of Maastricht DDDE will help Dutch firms of the creative sector (Design, Fashion, Architecture, New media, etc.) to find German business partners. Also, DDDE will gather all information and advice that firms are depending on as they develop cross-border business activities. Knowledge on legal, financial and cultural differences is crucial for firms that work across the borders. DDDE gathers this information specifically for the creative industry sector.

The geographical location of Maastricht also allows DDDE to develop the same services regarding to the Belgium market, another important business partner for the Netherlands, in the near future. In addition to the mentioned services, DDDE will also initiate debates, presentations and exhibitions to promote Dutch Design and encourage a field-specific international dialogue. Also, DDDE is open to set up and maintain networks with other nationalities and organizations, beyond Germany and Belgium.


The first main activity of DDDE focuses on organising matchmakings for Dutch companies within the creative sector with companies, organisations or institutions from abroad. During the first year DDDE will focus on Germany.

Knowledge gathering

The second main activity of DDDE is sharing knowledge about doing business abroad, specifically for Dutch companies from the creative sector. The knowledge gathering will focus on legal, financial and cultural differences.


The third main activity of DDDE is the presentation of Dutch companies from the creative sector and their activities with partners from neighbouring countries. This will be achieved by means of lectures, debates, meetings and even exhibitions.


Clients and partners since April 2011:

Province of Limburg
Creative Industries Fund NL
Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Ministry of Economic Affairs
Dutch Design Workspace Shanghai
BV Limburg
Maastricht & Euregio Candidate Cultural Capital 2018
Premsela/The New Institute
NAI/The New Institute
Chamber of Commerce Netherlands
Kreative Klasse
Zuyd Hogeschool
Van Eyck
Netherlands Consulate Düsseldorf
Netherlands Ambassy Berlin
Zachte G
Wallonie Design
Cultuur Platform Design
Social Beta
Inspire City
MAKK Cologne
Premium Fair
The Gallery Fair
gut. Die Messe