DDDE helps the creative industry to enlarge its market beyond the national borders. DDDE’s key activities can be summed up in three categories.

The first main activity of DDDE focuses on organising matchmakings for Dutch companies within the creative sector with companies, organisations or institutions from abroad. During the first year DDDE will focus on Germany. Our products and services:

> Intakes.
> Workshops.
> Network events.
> Taylored Matchmaking.
> Trade missions, fairs.

Knowledge gathering
The second main activity of DDDE is sharing knowledge about doing business abroad, specifically for Dutch companies from the creative sector. The knowledge gathering will focus on legal, financial and cultural differences. Our products and services:

> General information.
> Sectortalks.
> Taylored Strategic advice.
> Taylored Praktical advice.
> Taylored Market Scan.

The third main activity of DDDE is the presentation of Dutch companies from the creative sector and their activities with partners from neighbouring countries. This will be achieved by means of lectures, debates, meetings and even exhibitions. Our products and services:

> Internet.
> Presentations about DDDE.
> Presentations about Dutch Design.
> Presentations about Business in Germany.
> Public debates.
> Publications.

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In cooperation with Hogeschool Zuyd, Zachte G and Betawerk, DDDE maintains a website with general information about doing business across the borders in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands.

Creative Business Guide.