posted on: 14/06/2014

With the support of the Province of Limburg and ECCE (European Centre for Creative Economy – Dortmund), ‘Kreative KLasse’ from Essen and DDDE presented a small intervention in the city of Essen, organizing an exhibition ECOCRAFT at Raum:Klasse. ECOCRAFT has been presented before in march on ‘Gut. Die Messe 2014′ in Bochum.

Dutch designers have an interesting view of sustainability, which is different than the German approach. This vision is communicated in an exhibition stand with designs and ideas of designers: Ragbag, Think Paper, H2 Interior, Lisanne Janssen and Bee Collective. ‘Kreative Klasse’ will respond to the Dutch presentation from a German point of view.

ECOCRAFT opened with a reception on Thursday, June 12th from 18:00 in the Theater Passage, Rathenaustraße 2-45127 Essen. This get-together was the closing event of the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr and the starting-event of the Kulturpfadfest, which took place on June 13.


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Last week, the N.I.C.E Award winners were announced during the Forum d’Avignon Ruhr event in Essen. Garrelt Duin, Minister of Economics of NRW announced the winner of the award, which was co-initiated by Dutch Design Desk Europe.

The N.I.C.E. Award’s 2014 topic was ‘Innovations in Spillover’. From 22 countries arrived 108 applications from Artists and cultural creative entrepreneurs, scientists, politics and towns. A jury constituted of Pia Areblad (TILLT, Sweden), Charles Landry (Comedia, UK), Prof. Kurt Mehnert (Folkwang University of the Arts, Germany) and Janjaap Ruijssenaars (Universe Architecture, The Netherlands) selectedthe winners: 3rd awardee: URBANAUTS; 2nd awardee: Conexiones improbables & Unperfekthaus and the winner, 1st awardee: RLF.


posted on: 08/05/2014

By assignment of the Province of Limburg DDDE selected four top designers from Limburg to join the Limburg Open Lab (LOL): Maurice Mentjens, Gay Jongen, Boy Bastiaens and Albert Kiefer. The designers will develop the next promotional gift for the Province of Limburg as a team and in only one day. The prototype will be 3D printed at the end of this intensive whole day workshop, that will take place at the Social Beta Event 2014 in Heerlen. The audience of the event will be invited to observe and interact with the designers while their working. The future is now!

“The Social Beta Event takes place every year in the Euregion Meuse-Rhine. It is a three day cross-over event for new technology and innovation that matters. Discover business opportunities and challenges in an inspiring, creative environment full of thinkers and makers. An event for today’s and tomorrow’s society.”

Sign up for this inspiring event, before tickets are sold out!

Dutch Prime Minister Rutte @ Hannover Messe

posted on: 07/04/2014

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was present at the opening of the Hannover Messe, one of the most important industrial fairs in the world. The Netherlands will be the official “Partner Country” of the Hannover Messe this year. More than 270 Dutch companies, industrial associations and knowledge institutes will present themselves at this international fair.

At the opening of the Hanover Messe, Rutte mentions that is was wrong to think that The Netherlands are only represented by things as tulips, dikes and cheese. He highlights the fact that The Netherlands is an “innovation country in optimal form” and “a country of developers, creative spirits and inventive engineers”. Angela Merkel and Rutte visited a few of the 9 Dutch pavilions at the Hannover Messe.

NRW willing to collaborate with NL

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The German neighbouring state of The Netherlands, Nordrhein-Westfalen, receives 440 million euro from the European Union to improve their collaboration with The Netherlands and the German state Niedersachsen.

“Our commitment has paid off. Now, the close collaboration in the Euregion can gain momentum again”, says the minister of Economy Garrelt Duin of Nordrhein-Westfalen. We experienced that there can be made a lot of progress with small and specific projects.” As an example Duin mentioned the harmonization of vocational education on both sides of the border creating more opportunities for people. One half of the cost of the projects will be finance by Brussels the other half by Nordrhein-Westfalen, The Netherlands and Niedersachsen. Important for tis collaboration between The Netherlands, Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen are all nine top sectors in The Netherlands: High Tech, Agro-food, Water, Energy, Horticulture, Chemicals, Creative Industry, Logistics and Life Sciences.

The aim of Dutch Design Desk Europe is to help businesses within the creative industry, which is one of the nine top sectors, to cross the national borders to Nordrhein-Westfalen and Niedersachsen.

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